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Open innovation - who can help?

Trust and fairness form the basis of open innovation processes. In this respect, it is very important to have trustworthy partners for specific project planning. For the first project, it is certainly an advantage to include external experts in the planning phase. They help with project planning, selecting methods and tools and contribute their experience.

The following expert organisations, platform providers and intermediaries support innovation processes and projects right from the start:

OI consultancy and intermediaries

Crowdsourcing platforms and providers

German-language platform services


English-language platform services


Crowdinvesting platforms

According to the WKO, the following Austrian platforms are currently active in the crowdinvesting sector (last updated 10.8.2019):

An up-to-date list is available at: https://www.wko.at/service/unternehmensfuehrung-finanzierung-foerderungen/Crowdfunding_fuer_oesterreichische_Unternehmen.html


      Maker spaces and labs


      Innovation management training

      A number of universities, technical colleges and academies in Austria offer courses for innovation management (last updated 10/2019).


      Lower Austria


      Upper Austria







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